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What is Changing in Ontario for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Q. What is changing in Ontario’s community based developmental services system?

As of July 1, 2011, nine (9) new regional Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) organizations become the primary contact for information about developmental services and supports for adults with developmental disabilities.

These new regional DSO organizations are responsible for supporting adults with developmental disabilities through a new application process.

Each regional DSO organization is responsible for:

  • providing information about available services and supports;
  • confirming eligibility for those applying for adult developmental services and supports for the first time;
  • completing the new Application Package to assess each individual’s service and support needs; and
  • linking eligible and prioritized people to available services and supports.

Q. How will these changes affect adults who are currently receiving services and supports?

Adults with developmental disabilities who are currently receiving services and supports, or are waiting for services and supports:

  • will not experience any significant changes;
  • will not need to reapply, or reconfirm their eligibility;
  • will continue to be eligible for adult developmental services and supports;
  • if an adult with a developmental disability is currently waiting for services and supports, they will continue to be considered through the community prioritization process for any appropriate services and supports that may become available; and
  • will not need to do anything to maintain their current status with respect to receiving or waiting for services and supports.

Q. How will these changes affect adults who are applying for developmental services and support for the first time?

Adults applying for the first time will have to apply through DSO Toronto Region, which includes having their eligibility confirmed according to the new eligibility criteria and completing the new province wide Application Package, to assess an individual’s service and support needs.