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Community Participation Supports

If an adult with a developmental disability wants to become more involved in their community, staff at Developmental Services Ontario Toronto Region (DSO Toronto Region) can help by putting them in touch with community participation supports. These supports can be delivered one-on-one or in groups and include options such as:

  • Centre Based Work Activities – Opportunities for practice and growth in activities that include packing, simple assembly, woodworking or similar activities in a structured setting
  • Employment/Volunteer Preparation – Prepares individuals for competitive employment and/or volunteer work which could include exploring attitudes towards work, skill building in the area of work ethics, job related social skills, job finding, resume writing and job coaching
  • Competitive Employment – Includes helping individuals to find and secure competitive employment as well as providing support on the job as needed
  • Skill Building – Opportunities to develop and practice independence skills in order to increase community participation. Services could include activities of daily living (hygiene, safety skills, cooking and use of public transportation) as well as opportunities to work on literacy and academic activities which may include assistance with reading, writing and money management
  • Therapeutic, Recreation & Leisure – Settings where therapeutic techniques (i.e art, movement, music and drama) are used to assist with self awareness and emotional/personal growth; settings where recreational activities are offered (i.e. Organized sports, fitness) or settings with leisure activities (i.e. Book club & art activities)
  • Academics – Opportunities to acquire formal education through partnerships with education institutions and DSTO agencies
  • Continuing Education – Time limited workshops, courses and learning opportunities on a variety of topics. Examples include relationships, self esteem, flower arranging, yoga, etc.

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