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Applying for Services and Supports

Developmental Services Ontario Toronto Region (DSO Toronto Region) will provide you with information that helps adults with developmental disabilities find services and support in Toronto. We can also tell you about other community programs that might be useful or interesting to you.

Who can apply for Services and Supports from DSO Toronto Region:

  • any individual 16 years or older
  • an individual living in Toronto
  • an individual who has never received services from a developmental service agency after the age of 18, and/or has never been on a service(s) waitlist as an adult
  • an individual applying for Passport funding

To apply for services and supports please contact DSO Toronto Region staff who will:

  • confirm if you are eligible to receive services and supports
  • will complete the Application Package interview with you
  • will create a support plan for you
  • will link you to available services and supports

Click here to view “How to Apply for Adult Developmental Services and Supports” for more details on each step of the process.

Please click below to view the eligibility confirmation process for developmental services and supports:

Determining Service and Support Needs

Once we have confirmed that a person is eligible for Ministry-funded services and supports, we will begin the process of completing the application package with them and their family and/or caregiver(s). The application process is made up of two separate forms and two separate meetings.

The first meeting is with an assessor who will help the person with a developmental disability and their caregiver(s) to complete the Application for Developmental Services and Supports (ADSS) form. This part of the application process helps us get to know the person. We will begin with some general information about their referral, medical conditions, capabilities and background information which will help us get a good understanding of their needs. We will then move to a section called, “Getting to Know You.” In this section, we will talk about things that the person likes and dislikes, as well as about their dreams and future goals.

Next, we will schedule a time to complete the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS). This part of the application tells us about the level of support a person needs to be successful in a variety of areas. These areas include: living at home, community activities, lifelong learning, employment, social activities,  personal safety and advocacy. We will also inquire about the support the person might need for different medical or behavioural issues.

For more information please see the links below:

To apply for services and support please click here to contact us.