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Archive for November, 2016

TIFS (Try It For Size) – Independent Living Training

Posted on: November 9th, 2016 by torontodso No Comments


Are you an adult with an intellectual disability who wants to live more independently, by yourself or with others, and move into a place of your own one day? If so, why not become a “TIFSter”!

What is TIFS Toronto?

TIFS (Trying It on For Size) is a model of support, which helps you gain experience living independently. You participate in short-term stays in an apartment where you can learn and further develop your independent living, confidence and decision-making skills.

TIFS takes one full year to complete.


How will TIFS Toronto Help Me Live More Independently?

TIFS Toronto offers you a chance to work with a coach who will:

  • Review the skills you need to live more independently
  • Help you figure out what you’re good at and the things you need to improve on to live independently
  • Create a one-year plan and schedule with you focusing on the areas you need to work on to be more independent within the next year

TIFS Toronto’s 12-month commitment involves:

  • Making sure you have the time, money and support of those around you so you can stick with the program
  • Leaving your home for a short period of time so you can experience living on your own or with a roommate in an apartment setting
  • Being motivated to work on your goals
  • Listening to feedback from your coach so you can learn how to do things better or differently\

Who Do I Contact?

For information, contact Sunday Cvetanovic, or 647.726.0129